Science and Humanities

Department of Science and Humanities


To impart knowledge on basic sciences which paves the way to discover or solve the real problems in their core discipline.


  • *   To develop the students with professional competence by providing an excellent learning platform where they can enrich their verbal, numerical, theoretical and computational skills.
  • *   To carry out fundamental research with novelty and innovative ideas.
  • *   To prepare the students to meet the demands of Industry


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The department of Chemistry is vibrant and motivating where knowledge is constantly created, imparted and exchanged. Science is the foundation of modern technological innovations and medical advances. Our department is committed to its binary task of excellence in education and research in technology via Chemical sciences, to contribute to the progress of mankind, and to educate young minds for the future India.Our vision, and our tasks aim at building a renowned department with strong faculty, innovative curriculum, promising students, and strong links with industry.


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The English Department at Vaigai Engineering College offers a dynamic environment for students. English being a highly acclaimed global language invites special interest of the young. The learning ambience enables students to have personal interaction with activity based assistance. Our English faculty members promote the ability to articulate and defend ideas, to appreciate the value of ideas different from one’s own, and to cooperate in reaching measured consensus about the concerns raised by various individual branches. We also offer several special programs that help our students to improve their communication.


Mathematics is the science that deals with the logic of shape, quantity and arrangement. The department of Mathematics offers Engineering mathematics courses for undergraduate programs. The department has a team of highly qualified faculty members with specialization in recent and advanced fields in Analysis, Algebra and Random Processes. The department has to its credit a good number of research papers published in refereed National journals.


vaigai communication lab

The department provides the basic knowledge in Physics for the development of technocrat students to think of the novel ideas and challenging situation through a combination of research based teaching and high degree of interaction among them. The faculty members are highly competent and experienced in teaching and research. They are well versed in the fusion of Physics and technology through interdisciplinary research activities.