Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering


The Department functions with 10 teaching faculty and 3 supporting staff. The faculty members are specialized in different areas of mechanical engineering such as Production, Engineering Design, Manufacturing, Thermal Engineering, and CAD/CAM. They have a keen interest in updating their knowledge by regularly attending FDP’s, workshops, seminars, webinars and international conferences. The department consistently maintains good academic records and produces quality Mechanical Engineers.

The following laboratory facilities are available to fulfill the university curriculum and to pursue research work:

  • *   Manufacturing Technology Laboratory
  • *   Thermal Engineering Laboratory
  • *   Dynamics Laboratory
  • *   Metrology and Measurements Laboratory
  • *   Strength of Material Laboratory
  • *   Mechatronics Laboratory
  • *   CAD / CAM Laboratory
  • *   Engineering Practices Laboratory

The department regularly conducts symposiums, technical paper contests at the National level, guest lectures by experts. The Mechanical Engineering Students Association (MESA) to enhance organizing skills and to bring out inner potential and innate talents of the students. The department inculcates technical knowledge and skill set among students through technical and non-technical activities.

  • Vision

    To become a center of excellence in Design, Automation and Research by producing self motivated, creative, innovative real Mechanical Engineers for the benefit of Society.

  • Mission

    To attain academic excellence through effective teaching- learning process.

    To encourage open-mindedness in their approach to independent thinking equipped with ethical, environmental and societal aspects.

    To collaborate with the Industries in taking up consultancy projects, internship and industrial visit for gaining current industrial practices.

    To enhance “Leadership & Entrepreneurship skills” of the students.

    To Promote Project Oriented Learning.