Dr.Kalam's Central Library

VCE Central Library, spread over an area of 400 sq. m., is an invaluable resource for the students, faculty members and supporting staff members. The Library functions from 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., on all working days. The library has been stacked with a collection of around 5,000 volumes of books, covering 2,200 different titles. These books, in the various disciplines of Engineering, Science and Humanities, cater to the academic needs of students and faculty members.

Apart from text and reference books, the Library subscribes to 38 national and 49 international journals, both hard copies and e-journals, so as to kindle the research interests. Back volumes of select journals also have been made available. In order to enrich the knowledge in the fields other than the core subjects, the Library subscribes to magazines, journals, periodicals and news papers. There are course videos like NPTEL videos also, which are played for the benefit of the students.

Dr.Kalam's Library

The Text Book Section provides the services like issue, renewal and return of text books. Each student can borrow up to a maximum of 4 books, and retain for 15 days. At the end of this duration, they should return the book to the library. Based on the needs of the students and demand for a book, the students can extend the duration by another 15 days. The decision regarding the renewal shall be taken by the Librarian. If a student fails to return/renew a book on or before the due date, fine shall be imposed on him/her as per the VCE Library Policies. Faculty members can avail themselves of a maximum of 10 books each from the VCE Library. They shall retain them till the end of the concerned semester, and return them on or before the last working day.

The reference section of the Library provides a calm and comfortable space, where students and staff can read reference books, journals, magazines or periodicals. The Library has been divided into two separate sections, namely Text Book Section and Reference Section.They can take notes or get the necessary materials photo-copied, as there is a reprographic facility inside the library.

Dr.Kalam's Dream Library