Any game becomes more important when you know and love the players – W.P. Kinsella. The Department of Physical education in VCE focuses more on morale of the students. The Purpose of the sports in our campus is not only for relaxation, but also to reinforce the students. In that way coaching has been given constantly for Cricket, Kho-kho, Shuttle and five more indoor games. With a proper environment as a backbone this would aid the students to excel more in future endeavors of the events they are planned to participate. The liberation in Sports properties acquisition in VCE Campus took Students to a higher level so far. This would promisingly prolong for more achievements.

Sl.No. Name Date
1 K.Manikandan, II B.E CIVIL got III prize in Athletics of Anna University Zonal Meet at KLN College of Engineering 26.09.2013 to 28.09.2013