Fine Arts Clubs

Literary Club (Tamil / English)

The Club provides students a take-off point to the work of Literature – Tamil & English. It creates opportunities to enhance their taste in reading, their sense of appreciation of literary expressions and their scope to emulate great literary figures through their works. The members also have opportunities to view outstanding plays and performances in the various inter- collegiate competitions. The club focuses on Inter-House Dramatics contest, involving students in various activities and presentations. We publish our college's annual magazine, and conduct various events like story writing competitions, debates, quizzes, and spelling bees.


• To develop different perspectives of appreciation for literature in the students
• To encourage the students’ skills for creative writing and expression
• To introduce them to the literatures of various languages
• To enhance their thought and speech through group discussions and interactive sessions



Music / Dance / Skit Club

Music/Dance/Skit (MuDanSk) club of VCE is a platform of self expression and test of one’s creativity with fun and frolic. India being a museum of performing arts, We VCE dedicated to promoting all aspects of music, dance and other related activities throughout the academic year. Through the creative ideas of events initiated by students, MuDanSk attempts to connect, encourage and stimulate everyone to participate in the Music /Dance/Skit at VCE. This club provides opportunities and awareness of the performing arts for students to let their imagination run natural and provides them with the sight to see things in a technological and innovative way. Students learn from one another and share their expertise in different aspects of Music/Dance/Skit.

Staff coordinator: Mr.S.Sathiyamoorthy/AP/Chemistry

Visual Arts Club

The idea behind the Visual Arts Club is to create their interest among the technocrat students who love painting, photographing, designing, and other artistic skills. Member students of the Visual Arts Club will be able to initiate and improve their creativity and promoting the artistic talent.


1. To provide opportunities for students to be showing their novel ideas.
2. To encourage students to express their thoughts, feelings and creativity through the various visual art forms from two dimensions to three dimensions.
3. To encourage pupils to participate and excel in competitions and also to take photograph and video graph, which we will be conducted by our campus premises.

Staff Coordinator: Mr. S. Silambarasan AP/Physics

Arts and Crafts Club

The objective of the club is to shower out the excellent arty ideas of the students in a fabulous way.Club motivates and moulds the students to drizzle out of their enormous and numerous talents. It aspires to the creative and innovative dimensions of students. The pedestal of the arts and craft club stands by the efficient and diligent efforts prone to be the successful stepping stones of creative work. The proficiency of the talent is laid on the complete panorama of practice to attain perfection in arts and craft session. Art from different dimensions is acceptable and it is assured to have fresh appraisals with gifts and prizes. Students have targeted their legend like efforts to encapsulate the memories of ordained artistic innovations in the exhibition.

Current dimensions focused by the club:

• Art from Waste
• Rangoli
• Mehandi
• Vegetable and Fruit Carving
• Chalk Piece Carving
• Egg Shell Painting
• Face Painting

Staff Coordinator : Ms. Magadaline Glorina Rajathi, AP/English