Engineering Science Clubs

Electronics Club - BLITZKRIEG

The Electronics Club is one large platform in the institute for everyone interested in Electronics. Be it pursuing electronics as a Career or just a hobbyist who loves tinkering with circuits, this is the right place for you. Our activities include hands-on lectures by students and faculty, and various competitions. It is here that you’ll get to design your own circuits, learn cool stuff and micro-controller programming. The Club also has a very active group, which not only keeps the members updated about the activities of the Club but also serves as a forum to solve any technical doubts they may come across and thus broadens their knowledge. We have a very successful Projects program which is a great opportunity for the students to take up challenging Electronics projects of their choice under the guidance of a diverse mentor group.

Staff coordinator: Mr. M. Arun kumar, AP/ECE


The Energy/Environment Club is a student run platform which focuses on energy conservation and environmental protection core business. We connect students, academician and professionals. We aim to inspire and educate club members, so that our network of energy/environment conscious young professionals and entrepreneurs will improve our society. Channeling student energy and enthusiasm into an Energy/Environment club will let our students to take a leadership role in identifying and achieving our Nation’s Energy/environmental goals which is the need of the hour. This Energy & Environment Club seeks to represent and promote the green energy, clean tech, develop the next generation of leaders in the energy industry and environmental protection activities for students by academia, government and industry.


The aim of Robotics Club is to train and educate our students in the field of artificial intelligence and automation. It focuses designing the robots and developing new applications, maintenance of automobiles and trouble shooting. Expert teams that guides and coordinates the club not only explores but also try to motivate students on simple projects. This club has students membership from all engineering branches since it requires inter disciplinary approach in designing and modeling.

Our activities include:

• Importing practical knowledge of Automobile and Robots
• Organizing Events, Workshops, and Guest Lecture on recent development in these fields.
• Mini Project Demonstration

Staff Coordinator: Mr.M.Pradeep/AP/MECH


The Software Club is a broad bridge to blossom out the budding engineers in our institution to a software architect. It fosters the aspects of software in the young minds at a rate of gigahertz. Besides being a career track for computer monsters it paves as a subway to students who are inspired by the software to endow them with contra distinct knowledge about the recent augmentation in the software. Our activities include Debugging contest, technical quiz and demo on projects. Students will learn to code and test their own programs for different business applications. An expert team that guides and coordinates the club not only explores a new world of software but also serves as a hamlet to meliorate the scruples that arises in the students mind. Students will be qualified to take up challenging projects and reap the harvest the success in a short period.

Staff Coordinator : Mr.R.Gangadaran/AP/CSE