Language Lab

Language Lab

The Department of English houses a full-fledged Language Laboratory. The lab has the "Globarena- English Lab" which offers a variety of functions such as Recording, High Speed Copying, Test Preparation, Intercom, Student Monitoring, Teacher/Student Call, Group Conferencing, etc. The main console is connected to 20 listening booths which have been specially designed for student-teacher interaction, student- student interaction, and individualised learning process for language learning. The lab also has a large number of cassettes/VCDs/DVDs and books for all levels - beginners, intermediate and advanced.

English Lab has two modules- Student module and Teacher module.

Student Module

Student listens to the lessons pre-recorded by experts. Each lesson, such as accent, rhythm, intonation, consonants, vowels etc. is dealt with separately and extensively. Each lesson is followed by an exercise. After listening to the pre-recorded voice, the student can record his own voice and compare the correctness of his/her pronunciation. Self-assessment at the end of each assignment is submitted to the teacher (server) for evaluation. Student can communicate with the teacher.

Teacher Module

The teacher (facilitator) can Design the lessons according to the need from the existing database. Add new words / sentences to the database for practice. Communicate with the student from teacher module (server machine) Review student work. Maintain the record of all the pronounced words for each individual separately. Design student evaluation tests from existing database. The Language Laboratory is used for language tutorials. These are attended by Course students and students who voluntarily opt for Remedial English classes. This especially benefits students who are deficient in English and also aims at confidence-building for interviews, group discussions and competitive examinations. The Language Laboratory sessions also include word games, quizzes, extemporary speaking, debates, skits etc. to make the learning process more student-centerd and fun-loving. These sessions are complemented by online learning sessions which take place in the Multi-Purpose Computer Lab.