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The department of Queen of Science enhances itself in the journey of two years, thereby strengthening itself with five teaching faculty, all of them qualified with M.Phil degree in Mathematics and started their research work.

The Staff members of Mathematics department have indulged in thought provoking teaching and in cultivating knowledge to the students’ community.

The sincerity, dedication and interest that were shown by the staff members towards Tutorial and Remedial classes initiated the students to excel in their semester exam in a successive manner.

Department of Physics


• To achieve the knowledge in fundamental Science.
• To analyze the recent developments in Physics.
• To share students’ ideas and views in Physics through group discussions.
• To motivate the students to do minor projects.
• To stimulate the students to participate in seminars/conferences to express their knowledge in techno field.

Academic Activity

Aim of our department is to enrich the basic knowledge in Physics for the development of technocrat students. Students will be induced to think of the novel ideas and challenging situation through a combination of research based teaching and high degree of interaction among them. The faculty members are highly competent and experienced in teaching and research. They are well versed in the fusion of Physics and technology through interdisciplinary research activities.

Department of Chemistry

The department of Chemistry is wonderfully vibrant and motivating where knowledge is constantly created, imparted and exchanged. Science is the foundation stone of modern technological innovations and medical advances. Our department is confidently committed to its dual task of excellence in education and research in the technology via Chemical sciences, to contribute to the progress of mankind through new research, and to educate young minds for the future India.

Our vision, and our tasks, is to build a renowned department with strong faculty, innovative curricula, promising students, and strong links with industry.

Department of English

"Speech is civilization itself. The word, even the most contradictory word, preserves contact–it is silence which isolates." –Thomas Mann The Magic Mountain, 1924

The English Department at Vaigai Engineering College offers a dynamic environment for students. English being a highly acclaimed global language invites special interest of the young and the promising situation among the students. The learning environment enable students to have personal interaction with activity based assistance.. Our faculties promote the ability to articulate and defend ideas, to appreciate the value of ideas different from one's own, and to cooperate in reaching measured consensus about the concerns raised by individual works. We also offer several vibrant programs that helps our students to improve their communication.

Department of Chemistry

Department of English

Department of Maths

Department of PHYSICS

Department of Library

Department of Physical Education

Physics and Chemistry Laboratory are more spacious and provides good atmosphere for the Students to fulfill their thirst of Knowledge. It produces a path to the Students to implement their own innovations and also improve their Knowledge. The Physics Lab equipped with the following highly skilled equipments:

Physics Laboratory

• Lee’s Disc
• Spectrometer
• Diode Laser
• Carey Foster Bridge
• Ultrasonic interferometer
Chemistry Laboratory

• Conductivity Bridge
• Potentiometer
• pH meter
• Digital Spectrometer
• Flame Photometer
• Calomel Electrode
• Platinum Electrode

Communication Lab

Communication is at the very core of our society. That’s what makes us human- are the words of Jan Koum. Communication is a skill that should be trained for excellence like other skills. Language Lab in VCE is a place for students to learn cumulatively. It provides a good ambience to improve language as well as their communicative skills. It concentrates on all the four basic skills: LSRW. Phonological, verbal, and writing exposures are given. It guides in terms of improving personality and employability. Guidelines are provided for Group discussion and Interviews. Communication Skills Lab aids the students to be efficient in their career. It would be a globalish experience for students. Language Lab relies on experts’ guidance and software’s to train the students. Globarena is one such which is used for both English Lab and Career Lab. It planned to achieve Paul J Meyer’s saying Communication- the Human connection is the key to personal and career success.