Message from Chairman

     As we approach a new era our over-riding aim will be to build on our strengths and deliver the best service we can to the community. We will continue to improve lives by realising aspirations and by achieving excellence in learning, facilities and leadership. We look to the future with ambition in our eyes.

      The time spent with us is not only worthwhile but highly enjoyable. They will challenge you to do your best so that the skills that you acquire and the certificates you achieve gain the future recognition that they deserve. At the same time, they will encourage you to become involved in student life and to have your views and opinions heard as part of the very important learner engagement of the College.

      We want to ensure that our students don't simply attend College but are fully engaged in their learning experience,a learning experience which we continuously strive to enhance and improve

Message from Secretary

     The journey to create Vaigai College of Engineering has been a long and challenging one. Many people have made a significant contribution to the process and therefore Vaigai College of Engineering is truly a collaborative enterprise.

     Student learning is the focus at Vaigai College of Engineering. Everything we do must contribute to improving students learning. Our teaching practise will provide the students with the scope to develop them not only in a particular learning domain but also in the key competencies of real time life and experience.

     In this century, learning is not just about learning knowledge but how to construct it and apply it to life. Students are provided with rich and varied learning experiences to cater for different learning needs and rates of learning. Students will also be actively involved and take responsibility for their learning.

     Vaigai College of Engineering is an exciting place to learn. We look forward to the opportunity to partner globally to create an institution where students learn for life.

From the Principal's Desk

     Vaigai College of Engineering will be recognised as an excellent and innovative Institution. We aim to provide the students with almost every possible option to help gain their qualifications, skills and experience they need to progress to further study or university or to help with their career. There are many different ways of studying. Our training will have a sound theoretical and practical background and on-the-job training or work experience, and the unique way we support all our students will be acclaimed globally.

     We believe to have high ambitions and expectations on all our students. Our staffs are dedicated in providing the students with the best possible education and training to meet global needs and will do everything possible to make sure they achieve their goals.

     Our results will speak for themselves, we don't need to convince altogether of our capability to deliver, we want to give the students motivation and inspiration to succeed.

"Be inspired welcome to Vaigai College of Engineering!"

Management Hierarchy of Vaigai Educational Trust