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Department of Mechanical Engineering

The mission of the department is to provide sound technical knowledge and research facilities to students. The department has been keeping abreast of the latest advancement by providing sophisticated modern equipments in various laboratories and training the students in the latest technologies in the field of mechanical engineering.
Department of mechanical engineering has a band of well qualified faculty, technical supporting staff. It has an adequate A/C class room and laboratory facilities for importing high quality education to our students by utilizing modern technical teaching aids like LCD projectors, NPTEL videos and some models were used as teaching aids, which will make our students as an creator of future engineer.

The Department has excellent laboratory infrastructural facilities and the Students are trained in the following laboratories to enhance their practical skills. Some of the major equipments in the laboratories:


High precision centre lathes
• Gear hobbing machine
• Shaping machine
• Cylindrical grinding machine
• Surface grinding machine
• Planner machine
• Vertical milling machine
• Horizontal milling machine
• Radial drilling
• Capstan lathe


Pelton wheel
• Kaplan turbine
• Francis turbine
• Multistage centrifugal pump
• Venturi and orifice meters for flow measurement
• Reciprocating and centrifugal pumps
• Pipe friction study equipment
• Gear oil pump


Computers with latest configuration
• Auto CAD R2014 with 125 user licensce