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The objective of Electronics and Communication Engineering department is to impart excellent and comprehensive knowledge in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering with emphasis on the fundamentals and relevance to the industry.

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) was established in the year 2012 with the vision of developing the department as a Centre of Excellence in R&D, in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering and make the students blossom into meritorious and self-disciplined engineers by hard work. Our mission is to develop innovative and simple instructional material to drive the concepts into the minds of students and infuse scientific temper in the students and guide them towards research in communication engineering. The department is equipped with a committed group of competent teachers striving for excellence, be it in teaching or research and to develop Collaborative Research and Development linkages with leading organizations in India and abroad.

Electronics laboratory
Digital and Microprocessor laboratory

Electronics Laboratory:

Electronics laboratory is equipped with equipments like cathode ray oscilloscopes, function generators, multimeters and workbenches that include oscilloscope, function generator, power supplies, ammeters and voltmeters to perform experiments related to Electron Devices and Circuits lab, Linear Integrated Circuits lab and Electronic Circuits lab.

Major Equipments:

High frequency analog oscilloscopes
Function generator
Analog and Digital Multimeters
Fixed and Regulated power supplies
Decade Resistance boxes
Decade Inductance boxes
Decade Capacitance boxes
Voltmeters and Ammeters

Digital and Microprocessor laboratory:

Digital and Microprocessor laboratory is equipped with advanced digital trainer kits, 8085 Microprocessor trainer kits, 8086 Microcontroller trainer kits for Digital Electronics laboratory and Microprocessor and Microcontroller laboratory for students of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering.

Major Equipments:

8, 16-bits digital trainer kits
8085 Microprocessor Trainer kits
8086 Microcontroller Trainer kits
8051 Microcontroller Trainer kits
ADC, DAC, Stepper motor, DC motor, Traffic light control interfaces